Domes, Ceilings & Skylights

Eric Bonte’s domes are unique pieces that illuminate the interiors and participate in the radiation of colours of the place that welcomes them. The refinement of works of art combined with subtle and sumptuous interior decoration. The ceilings and domes are designed to be transported and assembled on site very easily. Everything is planned so that the installation is carried out with our teams or by local workers, very fast.

The packing in securely wooden crating is made in the workshop, and the domes may travel by airplane, boat, or road, according to the client’s wishes. Once the order is placed, the dimensions and assembly instructions are given by Eric Bonte in collaboration with the client’s teams. Installation assistance is always planned.


Basilica Of Our Lady Peace Ivory Coast

8400 m² of traditional stained glass

40 meter diameter stained glass dome

Mövenpick Jolie Ville Sharm el Sheikh Egypte 

Two domes 5 meters diameter

Ceiling of 45 m x 8 m

Restaurant Rostang Paris 

Cupola small living room

Brasserie Flo Strassbourg 

Cupola and hall frescoes

Biondini magasin Champs Elysées 

VIP square dome

Brasserie Flo Strassbourg 

Cupola and hall frescoes

Biondini magasin Champs Elysées 

VIP square dome

Ceilings & glass roofs

Hotel Raphael Paris 

Library living room ceiling

Hotel Regina Paris 

Bedroom ceilings, cloakrooms reception rooms

Grand Café Capucines Paris 

Room ceilings

Hotel Richmond Opera Paris 

Room ceilings

Consulat japonais Strasbourg 


Grand Café de l’Univers St Quentin 

Room and staircase ceilings

Grand Café Convention Paris 

Canopies, mandorlas, wall panels

Café Ménilmontant Paris 

Canopy up stairs

Renowened clients 

Basilica of Our Lady Peace Yamoussokro

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosquee Oman

Cap Gemini Sogetti

Plaza Athenee & Relais Plaza Paris

Invalides Paris

Spa Dior Paris

Hotel Regina Paris

Hotel Raphael Paris

La Demeure Montaigne Paris

Hotel Meurice Paris

Hotel Movenpick Sharm El Sheikh

Disneyland Paris

Cafe de Flore Paris

Hotel Elysa Luxembourg

La Belle Meniere de Pigalle

Maison  Rostang Paris

Le Grand Cafe Capucines Paris

Cafe de L'Univers Saint Quentin

Brasserie Flottes Paris

Brasserie Mollard Paris

Le Violon D'Ingres Paris

Hotel Richemond Paris

Le Scribe Paris

Brasserie Flo Strasbourg


La Fermette Marbeuf Paris

Moet Hennessy

Gare Saint Lazare Paris

Gare de Lyon Paris

Palais de Tokyo Paris

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

Publicis Paris

Saint Dié des vosges

Ministry of the Armed  Forces