Through an E-mail, or a telephone call
We shall get in touch with you quickly to understand your dreams: size and shape of the dome, destination, style, colours, light, etc.; an initial budget can then be drawn up at this stage.


A meeting is then preferable in order to better understand all requirements.
We welcome you at the workshop, and present the Company, the team, and the creations in progress to you. It is during this meeting that trusting relationships begin; we are at your service. We can also meet you on site, where the dome is to be built, if possible.


After this meeting, we start working on your project by creating two or three models that match your request and your budget.
These one tenth scale, colour, custom models will give you a fair idea of our proposal and will help you make a real choice among different options that you will have considered previously.
These hand-painted drawings are submitted to you within about one month, along with a precise estimate. This estimate includes the creation of stained glass, the dome’s frame and its installation, if you so wish. It should be noted that a sloped glazing protection is preferable when installing outwardly for tightness and cleaning.


Our performance extends from design to installation or assistance with the installation.
From model design to packaging, all steps are carried out by our team of experienced workshop glassblowers, with the greatest care, in compliance with the rules of good workmanship. Packing and crating are made by us in secure wooden crates. Transport may be carried out by road, boat, or air.
Our lead times are fast, but they depend on the size and complexity of the work involved: the complexity of cutting or installation of the stained glass, the amount and complexity of the painting or engraving to be made; for a five-meter diameter dome, the average time is about six months.



We can launch production as soon as the technical issues are resolved and confirmed: the diameter and height or sizes of the oval for a dome, the length, and the width for a ceiling, and once you have given us your consent on a model.Throughout the creation process, we work with your architect and your general foreman to give them the answers they need.
The extensive experience we have in the production and installation of domes around the world allows us to advise you on lighting, the decoration around the dome, maintenance solutions, including seismic installations if necessary.

Keep dreaming, we shall do the rest.
See you soon.


Contact Claude Bonte (French, English, German, Spanish)