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France Vitrail International


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France Vitrail International is a French arts glass studio based in Paris and supervised by Eric Bonte, master glass artist since 1979. The team of about twenty professionals is specialised in creation of luxury stained glass and sandblasted glass .


Our studio designs, creates and installs original, artistic and aesthetic creations, of all styles and implementations throughout the world. We have been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, recognition of our know-how and quality of work. The expertise of France Vitrail International also extends to the restoration of old stained glass and their double glazing installations.

Eric Bonte, creator and manager of France Vitrail International

About us

In 1988, Eric Bonte created France Vitrail International to meet the largest order in the stained glass history, the 8,400 m2 of stained glass windows in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix Basilica in Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast). The stained glass contain more than two million pieces of antique glass. At the top of the monument is a stained glass dome with a diameter of 40 metters, also the largest in the world. The Yamoussoukro Basilica still has the world largest stained glass surface area 30 years later.

Since then, the studio has been able to continue its activity, expand and diversify. To go beyond the walls of the sacred to break into the market of decoration and contemporary architecture. In particular for the creation of complex and unique pieces, of very large size. Stained glass domes and ceilings, for which France Vitrail International also ensures the manufacture of metal frames.

France Vitrail International is made up of craftsmen and artists, a team with a large variety of skills. This allows our art studio to offer a wide range of creations that respond technically and artistically to requests. Our experience at the service of quality, our workshop is renowned on the international scene. France Vitrail International is also a recognised exporter, with nearly 25 countries visited to date (2022).

Stained glass ceiling design

French taste & Art de vivre

For more than 40 years, the studio has been able to diversify its activity as it expanded. To break into the market of contemporary decoration and architecture through quality artworks. To pursue it internationally in the wake of great architects. In particular, by creating complex and unique pieces, of very large size, stained glass domes, stained glass windows or glass ceilings, for which France Vitrail International can also ensure the manufacture of metal frames.

Eric Bonte

Domes of all sizes have been made for over thirty years; they majestically adorn interiors worldwide. France is reputed for traditional stained glass, and Eric Bonte embodies an additional facet of its know-how. Eric Bonte offers outstanding work: artistic and technical quality of stained or engraved glass, quality materials and good taste for ornamental detail of frames. The domes of the master glass artist have souls. Subtleties of colour, harmony of tones, shimmering of light.

Thanks to the skills of Eric Bonte and his team, France Vitrail International exports the French taste and art of living.